Support for a Local Temple Dedicated to Lord Ayyappa

Today's world is filled with violence and injustice; everywhere you turn, you hear of religious intolerance, hate and terrorism. Just as a single dip in the sacred Pampa River during Sabarimala Pilgrimage can wash away the impurities of our mind and body, we believe that through devotion to Lord Ayyappa, one can purify the universe. This is because Lord Ayyappa represents such qualities as universal love, mercy, unity, non-violence and brotherhood.

In these trying times, the answer to tackling our modern problems is steadfast and everlasting spirituality. In order to regain our lost values and to focus our attention on re-establishing Dharma, our community needs an Ayyappa Temple here in New York.

With this in mind, our chapter of Ayyappa Seva Sangham has undertaken the enormous task of building this Temple and we need your help!We request your donation in support of this project.

There are three immediate ways to help us meet our fundraising goal. The first way is donate through Ayyappa Seva Sangham web site. The second way is to purchase a $100 or $50 donation coupon which was recently launched by Sri G. L. Soni, CEO of the House of Spices. These can be purchased from any one of Ayyappa Seva Sangham New York's Board of Trustees members. The thired way is to send donations via personal check in any amount directly to Ayyappa Seva Sangham, P.O. Box 40305, Glen Oaks, New York 11004. Please remember that our organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.

We need your moral and financial support to fulfill this long cherished dream of Ayyappa Devotees in New York and the surrounding community.