Blessed Ayyaappa devotees

I am very happy to learn that the Ayyappa devotees in and around New York metropolitan area under the guidance and leadership of Ayyappa Seva Sangam, New York chapter, are in the midst of building a temple for Lord Ayyappaswami. Even though this was a dream for a long time, I am glad that it is going to be a reality soon.

Dr. Dasan Potti

Since 1973, after establishing the first Hindu temple in USA, the Lord Ganesha temple in Flushing, New York, this great nation of ours has been witnessing the establishment of several Hindu temples. Blessed are those who took the bold steps in venturing into these noble tasks. These chosen souls, being the first generation of Hindus in USA, had to face much more hardships than what is being presented today. By the grace of God, today we are financially sound, comparatively well established, politically influential and above all, deeply founded in SANATHANA DHARMA which no out side force can shake.

Perhaps, the most important thing we can give to our children (next generation) is to provide them with good character available only in SAT SANGA, available more in temples (spiritual institutions) than anywhere else.

CAUTION. The Asuric force can not stand Sat Sanga. Recognize this force when you hear some one telling "Another temple? Are you crazy? etc". How we deal with? No discussion. No argument. Leave the seen with one prayer. "God bless you". Always the Devik force will win.

Unconditional devotion is BHAKTHI. Understanding the true meaning of "TAT THWAM ASI" is Jnanam. Both are same; either one will take us to His lotus feet.

Along with all of you, I pray for Ayyappaswami's grace for early successful conclusion of this temple project.

Om Shantih Santih Santihi
Dr. Dasan Potti