New Jersey Namasankeertehana Samajam

This satsangam, the brainchild of Sri.New Jersey Swaminatha Bagavathar was formally inaugurated in the month of June 2013. The Goal is to take all efforts to propagate Namasankeerthanam and make it a household requirement. This will enthuse our younger generation to get more involved in our culture and tradition. Thus we leave a better world for them.

Bhajans rendered by Swaminatha Baghavathar of New Jersey Namasankeerthana Samajam

Briefly, the format and the renderings are modeled on Marudhanallur pandhati. Incidentally this system is observed at Alangudi Namasankeerthanam. That is conducted every year at Alangudi, the gurusthalam in Tanjore District, near Kumbakonam. (

There are over 2000 Videos on You Tube and you are all requested to view them.

In South India, the origin of the Sampradāya Bhajan is traced to Govindapuram Sri Bhagavan-nama Bodhendra Swamigal, Thiruvisainallur Sridhara Venkatesa Swamigal and Sadguru Swamigal.

The sampradāya bhajans are rendered in the order of Dhyana Slokam, Thodaya Mangalam, Guru Dhyanam, Jayadeva Ashtapathi, Narayana Teerthar Tharangam and Compositions of many saints.

Many great and eminent Bhagavatha Purushas have emphasized the value of Nāmasankīrtanam, in order to attain mental purity required for self-knowledge that is gained through the guru upadeśam.

New Jersey Swaminatha Baghavathar and his team have been conducting Namasankeerthanan every month .This is done on request at the residence of the Devotees. He is booked till June 2014.

The October 2013 Namasankeerthanam was held at the Sri Guruvaayoorappan temple, Morganville NJ, attended by over 600 people. One of the comments received was, Quote, "Swaminathans' performance was Awesome and was ably supported by the accompaniments. His style, poise and ability to carry us with him throughout the Bhajan is His gift and our fortune. Swaminatha Baghavathar encouraged us all to actively and vociferously participate in the Bhajans and Namasankeerthanan and that made us feel in unison with the Divinity of the Bhagavathas. "unquote.

The slogan of Sri Swaminatha Bhagavathar and his team is, "Now on to the next step towards "Radhakalyanam". IN THE COMING YEAR, IE. 2014."

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