Massive steps taken to control crowd at Sabarimala


Steps have been taken to control the massive crowd witnessed here at Sabarimala for the last two days.

The central armed forces along with Kerala Police are jointly operating to control the mass in flow to here. The devotees not following the strict orders of the authorities and trying to take the forest routes to get into the Nadapanthal have also led to sudden surge of devotees at Sannidhanam. This has caused a bit chaos there and the police and armed officials are trying to control it at the earliest. In order to control the crowd at Sannidhanam a number of devotees were only allowed from Pampa to ascend the hills.

However, the police have also taken steps to control the devotees intruding out from the barricades from Saramkuthy- Marakootam. The devotee returning after darsan were sent back to Pampa through Bailey bridge as a way to control the chaos, said Chief Coordinator P Chandrasekharan. He also added that in the coming days the forces will be more vigilant in controlling the crowd here.

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