My Experiences with Ayyappa

K. Subramanian

New York, USA

I would like to share with all of you two miracles that happened at the same time in my life through the blessings from lord Ayyappa! My daughter Sheela was suffering from serious asthma attacks and ended up in intensive care since she was 2 years old. In 1988 when she was five years old we decided to take her to Sabarimala and hoping will cure her asthma.

We had two daughters but in we did not have a son. My wife always wanted to have a son. We started the 41 days of fast from here and reached Sabarimala on July 17th, which is also the 1st day of Tamil month Adi. On the way to Sabarimala my whole intention was to seek Ayyappa’s blessings for Sheela’s health. So I didn’t even think about our wish for a son. Something amazing happened while I was going to Sabarimala.

The driver of my car who is a Muslim brought up a conversation about how he got blessing from Lord Ayappa. He often drives devotees to Sabarimala during Mandala season. He had been married for 5 years and didn’t have a child. On one such trip to Sabarimala he prayed while waiting at Pampa to Lord Ayyappa to have a child and next year his wife gave birth to a boy. He insisted that I should pray for a son while in Sabarimala.

After climbing the 18 steps I offered my prayer for my daughter first. Then I remembered what the driver suggested. So at that moment I prayed also for a son. We were back in New York in mid-August. As usual that October I was prepared for another nightmare month for Sheela meaning she would end up in the ICU. Miraculously she didn’t have any asthma attack that season and none since then. Sheela is now 26. Then another miracle happened. A month later in November my wife got pregnant. She gave birth to a boy exactly one year from that day July 17th when I was at Sabarimala. We named him Hari Haran after Lord Ayyappa. I could naver have chosen another name. When he was three years old I took him to Sabarimala with me. There he prayed in front of Sannidhanam. I felt once again that my life has been blessed by Ayyappa.

Even in my wildest dreams I had not imagined that Lord Ayyappa is going to answer both my prayers. There is one and only one reason that can explain these two miracles. I am a very staunch Ayyappa devotee. It was my prayers to Ayyappa that his benevolence and blessings were showered upon me, my wife and beloved children.