My Experiences with Ayyappa

Rugmini Nair

New York, USA

Yes, that really was a miracle! It happened in the month of August 2005, when we had gone to visit Ayyappa swamy at Sabarimala as we had prayed. The immediate climate change from the United States to India has always caused health problems for me. It was no different this time. My blood pressure had soared sky high and my feet were swollen due to high humidity in the atmosphere. In this terrible health condition, every one including my brother-in-law who is a medical doctor advised me not to go on the trip to Sabarimala – let alone climb ‘Karimala.’ 

Regardless I took this trip because I had to follow through with my pledge to Ayyappa. We stopped at Pampa and started trekking over the mountains. Until I reached the temple, I faced no problems at all. We prayed at the temple, and stayed overnight near the temple. The next morning we had another glimpse of Ayyappa swamy.

By about afternoon, we were already on our way home. I couldn’t believe that not only did I have any problems but, my doctor said that my blood pressure had come down to normalcy and all swelling had disappeared from my body. I was as healthy and vibrant as ever. I really think this incident could only be explained as a miracle from Lord Ayyappa! I trusted him completely and fulfilled my promise to him. 

He will take care of devotees who surrender themselves to him completely