My Experiences with Ayyappa

Vijita Nair

Dhule District, Maharashtra

Swamiye saranam ayyappa

I am Vijita Nair 21 years old completed BDS this year. I am from Dhule district, Maharashtra. I am a diehard devotee of Lord Ayyappa. Touching the lotus feet of Ayyappa I start upon the second article in the same book regarding the success of my Ayyappa book 1st edition. I thank Ayyappa who blessed me with this chance through Mr. Sajikumar Karunakaran, the secretary of Ayyappa Seva Sangham, New York. In the first article my dreams were just under progress. But by Ayyappas grace within short time I could fulfill my dreams more than what I wished and wrote another article in same book regarding its success. I just thought it would be my first and last chance to write the first article but I think Ayyappa planned something more for me. I simply feel divine to share my devotional experience to so many devotees. May be this will activate the devotion hidden within people who forgot God in their busy schedule.

For me Ayyappa is my everything. I being his diehard devotee can't stop myself from serving my Swami. Being a 21 yrs old girl I don't earn anything. So I always wished to contribute to our Ayyappa Temple, Dhule District, Maharashtra which is developing slowly. Then the idea of writing a book on Ayyappa came in my mind which will become a permanent source of money to our temple.

I wrote the book successfully in my final year BDS which was a big challenge for me but still I managed to write by Ayyappas grace. While writing I had no idea what exactly to do with those book funds. But slowly people started knowing about our temple through book and many of them came forward to help the temple. Slowly funds started flowing in. One day I visited an Ayyappa temple, Pune. There I saw the vigraham which was very big and made up of panchaloha. Looking at that I started dreaming standing at the doors that I also wish to make our stone idol into panchaloha with the book funds. I decided that no matter how many days, months or years it takes but I will do it one fine day. It became my biggest dream ever in my life. Because making something so precious for our temple will be the best thing ever till today. I did not tell my target to anyone except Ayyappa not even my parents. Because if I tell them they will scold me saying that don't wish so big things which u cannot do. So I kept it secret and worked hard for it from that day itself. I spoke to the idol maker regarding this and got the estimated amount for it. So my target became 75,000 Rs for making Panchaloha aanki for our stone Ayyappa idol. It was very tough for a girl like me to do it all alone without anyones support.

Many Ayyappa devotees from social networks like facebook came to know about this book and purchased it. Slowly slowly there was good response for books. But a period came when the response stopped. And I became very sad. One night suddenly one idea came to my mind that I should make my dream possible in this Vrischikam itself. May be Ayyappa gave me that date. I started accelerating my efforts towards this because I only had 2 months in hands all together. I almost became mad behind this because I had no one to share my idea. Some issues raised up in our temple regarding books. That time me and my parents were highly depressed. My father strictly told me to stop this book work further due to such issues. Again I became so sad because I had some dreams with those funds and I can't stop my efforts. But Ayyappa did magic. I luckily got order for 500 books all the way from Malaysia next day morning. After hearing this news my parents became happy and told me to continue my work. That day I told my parents regarding my dream. Fortunately my father agreed and said that it's a great idea. Then I was reliefed a much as there was someone to whom I can share my stress.

Then again I speeded up things and put double efforts for hitting my target. Only Ayyappa knows how many nights I cried for making this possible. I had sleepless nights due to tension that how I can make 75,000 Rs within 2 months all alone through books. I understood that Ayyappa was testing me. This was my test which I have to pass all alone by Ayyappas grace. If I stop then everything will end. But if I continue to struggle crossing all hurdles without stopping then I will pass my test and this dream will come true on the decided date. I got some positive vibrations in me that Ayyappa is with me boosting me always when I fall. I had one faith that if I really do hardwork for it with full dedication and devotion then Ayyappa himself will come at the end and do the magic.

As I said really Ayyappa tested me till the last moment. I had very few days in hands for Vrischikam. My tension and curiosity reached the peak level at end. Really had no idea what will happen at the end. I will win or fail was a big question mark in front of me. All I can do was to keep on trying and trying. I had full trust on Ayyappa that he will do magic at end because I was sincere at my service. I had strong feeling that Ayyappa wont let me down. My parents lost their hopes but I was still the same. Finally 1 month before vrischikam that is 5 September my test was over. Magician Ayyappa did magic finally. He gave me more than what I wished as bonus for my hardwork. I targeted only 75,000Rs but I got 2,50,000Rs within 3 months of my test. I cried a lot with happiness and devotion after i reached my target. Then I decided to make Dwarapalakars and 108 Chuttu Vilakku for our Ayyappa temple which was not there. I gave orders for Panchaloha Aanki and Dwarapalakars from Kumbakonam, Chennai before 1 months. The Panchaloha Aanki was made so charming and beautiful by sthapathi Rajendran Swami.

We decided to put gold and silver in the casting one night. Next day morning I got a call from one of the devotee who purchased book saying that he got a dream last night at 2.30 am that he wanted to add gold and silver for Aanki. I was surprised that what a magic. After 4 days that devotee namely Mr. Anish working in a Thermal Power Plant was saved from death within 2 seconds from running super heated steam vent. He called Ayyappa at that time and also rescued 2 person from death immediately who were burnt 40%. He believes that it was all Ayyappas grace only as he could become a part of this divine service. He came to our temple within some days to thank Ayyappan for saving his life. I specially thank each and every devotee who purchased the books and gave a helping hand towards this divine service to our Ayyappa.

The Panchaloha Aanki was kept at our home for 1 week before prathista. I could see and touch Ayyappa as much I could till he was kept at his home(our home). I fall in love with Ayyappa at first sight itself. When I saw him for first time my tears fall on his feet. For me nothing could be more beautiful than that in this world. I got the golden chance to do the final finishing of Aanki at my home. Can anything be more precious than this. I guess Ayyappa gave a huge smile after seeing me. Hahaha… I was completely mad with happiness. Day and night even in dreams I could only see the Aanki. Prathista of Panchaloha Aanki and Dwarapalakars was done in our Ayyappa Temple, Dhule, Maharashtra on 23 November 2013 (Vrischikam 8) as per my wish. Prathista was done by Thanthri Vasudevan Namboothiri Paad , Peruncherry Mana along with Unni Krishnan Namboothiri and Veda Shastra Sampana Guruji Kapil Sudhakar Joshi as his assistant. The prathista function was done in a grand way followed by Ana Daanam. I could not control my happy tears when I saw prathista. Because it was my victory that day. I could successfully complete my duty and responsibility of placing Ayyappa in his original sthaanam(shree kovil). It was the biggest achievement in my life till today. I could do some service to my swami in this life. My happiness had no limits. I was not even so happy when I passed my final year BDS , than which I had now when I passed the test of life by Ayyappa. My happy tears doubled after reaching my goal than the sad tears which came when I was struggling for it.

From that I understood the actual meaning of Thatwamasi very well. For Ayyappa all are same though it may be boy or girl, rich or poor , elder or younger. Only the eligibility for it is we should have strong devotion in us which is ever lasting. I never visited Sabarimala till today . But this happiness of mine is never less than visiting Sabarimala. I feel so lucky and blessed by Ayyappa because among so many devotees in our temple Ayyappa choosed me for this divine work. I promise that I will keep serving my Lord till my end. Oh Lord I beg you to please allow me to serve you in future also. Accept me as your servant forever and let me wash your lotus feet with my love and devotion.

By Gods grace my 2nd edition book namely DEEPARADHANA-Ayyappa Darshanam wrote under the guidance of Mr. Deepak Uthappa has been published recently and kept on lotus feet of Ayyappa on 16 November 2013 (Vrischikam 1) . My next biggest dream is to contribute some part of the book funds for Ana Daanam during Mandala season. Rest funds will be used for Dhule Ayyappa Temple development . Next I am planning for Koddimaram in our Ayyappa Temple. Any devotee who reads this article and can help me out for Ana Daanam purpose please contact me. I will be very thankful to you and Ayyappa for this golden chance.

All praise to the lotus feet of Ayyappa. May Lord Ayyappa bless all of us.
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa.